Gain insight into your game with 16 key metrics that reflect your performance in:

  • Distance
  • Endurance
  • Maximum speed
  • Power in shots
  • Acceleration
  • Sprints
  • Sharp turns
  • Football balance
  • Use of left and right foot
  • Number of steps
  • Calories

INSAIT JOY gives you objective and immediate feedback, so you can understand your strength and weakness to maximize your future development


Visualize your data trends to track your improvements over time. Challenge yourself with regular benchmarking to improve your performance in training and matches.


See how you compare to other players in your community or around the world on the leaderboards. Get a chance to be recognized for your hard work.

Compete on leaderboards with soccer players and elites from around the world and get a chance to be noticed by soccer clubs or soccer scouts for your hard work and discipline.

Share your digitized highlights and happy moments with friends and family via social media to illustrate your progress and get ready to be seen.


Get an insight into your match performance with scores on speed, power, explosive power, stamina, football balance and your overall rating. Understand how you're performing with easy-to-understand scores.


Team up with your friends or teammates. Get notifications about an upcoming event or matches. Play together and compete stats afterwards with your max speed, distance covered, power, sprints, football balance and more. Will you stand out as player of the match?


Build your personal player profile with different achievements that show your unique play style. Unlock milestones or titles to keep a digital record of your football journey.


INSAIT JOY gives you EXP points for each session to increase your levels in the app and top the leaderboards as you strive to reach the best. Maintain your football streak week by week to earn bonus points and level up faster - just like you did in video games.


Get your own FIFA-style player rating cards that summarize your performance in easy-to-understand points. Improve your player ratings with your skills, hard work and discipline to show off your progress to the world.